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Get Fillings And Crowns In A Single Appointment With CEREC

In the past, needing a crown or filling put in meant that you usually had to see your dentist for both an initial appointment to get an impression taken and a follow-up appointment to get the restoration installed. Thanks to CEREC technology, the process of getting a filling or crown installed has been consolidated into a single appointment, saving time for both patients and dentists. With CEREC technology available, there is no reason why you should have to make two appointments to get a filling in ever again. 

How Does CEREC Work?

If your dentist sees a problem that he may need to fix with a filling or crown, he will usually be able to diagnose and fix the problem in a single appointment. If your dentist sees a cavity during a checkup appointment, he or she will generally remove the decayed material with a drill. Next, he or she will paint a thin layer of reflective powder on to the area where the filling will go. Your dentist will then take a digital picture using CEREC’s 3D camera. From this, a digital image will be created from which your restoration will be made. Your dentist will be able to see the filling in three dimensions and can manipulate it easily to make sure that it will fit perfectly into your teeth. Once he or she has finished manipulating the digital representation of the restoration, your dentist will send it to the milling machine, where the final ceramic restoration will be created. Your dentist will then bond the restoration to your tooth and complete the process. Generally, the entire process takes about an hour.

The Benefits Of CEREC

The most obvious benefit of CEREC is the fact that the entire process can be completed within a single appointment. In the past, getting a filling or a crown put in would take at least two appointments. In addition, you would have to wait for a few weeks in between the appointments while your filling got created at a dental lab. During those weeks, you would have to wear a temporary filling or crown, which are more likely to fall out. 

Using CEREC also ensures that your tooth restoration looks similar to your normal teeth because of the tooth-colored ceramic material that is used in the process. Many other types of fillings are made from silver, which can be unsightly. The material used to make the restoration is also plaque-resistant and anti-abrasive. This helps to prevent future cavities or problems with your restoration. In addition, the digital CEREC technology is very precise so your dentist will only have to remove the decayed tooth material in order to fit the restoration into place. 

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